The Body of Christ

I am SO THANKFUL that the Body of Christ survives in spite of the Religion of Christianity.

It COULD have died a slow death after the first apostles died.

It COULD have been snuffed out when Constantine got his hands on the religion and made it something Jesus never intended it to be.

t COULD have been snuffed out anytime in the dark ages when it became a weapon to bring death and repression to anyone who didn’t agree with the institutionalized religion.

Even now the Body of Christ survives the modern western church which enslaves its “members” with religious activities and practices (activities and practices that Jesus and the apostles would cry over…another blog…) to the point where sometimes mom’s have to make the hard choice of time with the kids versus a religious meeting.   Dads in “ministry” have to try to balance religious vocation, and family activities to the detriment of family time and spiritual health.

The Body of Christ……I am so thankful that the “the gates of hell will not prevail against it”.  It’s a promise from Jesus himself!