Birds and flowers…

It’s spring, almost summer, and I’m reminded that seasons come and seasons go.  I remember that we have little control over our circumstances AND people. It’s refreshing to know that God has everything under control.  He’s not surprised by anything we say or do.  He’s not caught off guard by any circumstance we find ourselves in or any choices that we make.  It’s also a mystery why bad things happen in view of these thoughts, but that’s a topic for another blog by another blogger!

He IS compassionate and understands our “plight” as humans in this harsh world.  I’m getting a fresh view of his love and grace towards all mankind.

I’m reminded that all creation is His.  Including everyone around me.  I’m also reminded that each of us has our own path.  My path may, and probably does, look different than your path but that’s the beauty of how He works.  Wasn’t it Jesus who said those who are led by the Holy Spirit are like the wind?  It’s hard to pinpoint where the wind comes from or where it’s going.  Just like how He works in us if we let him.


The hard part for me is being quiet enough to listen!

It’s an amazing thing that this highly personal journey we are all on is, at the same time, so intensely corporate.

What a mystery.


2 responses to “Birds and flowers…

  1. This is certainly the fourth blog, of your website I
    went through. And yet I actually like this particular one,
    “Birds and flowers | Confessions of a Former Worship Leader” the very best.
    Take care ,Galen

    • Galen,

      Sorry it has taken so long to post a reply. Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m still on the journey and it is still exciting, although not always easy! God Bless!

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