Celebrate or Mourn? Or Both?

I have tried my best to be happy.  I do not WANT to be sad, but I am.  I want to celebrate like everyone else, but I’m not in a celebratory state of mind. 

I’m sad.  Really sad.  Heartbroken, really.

I’m sad that thousands lost their lives on 9/11. 

I’m sad that thousands more lives were destroyed as a result.

I’m sad that nothing in this life can ever make up for that.  I only hope that the families and loved ones of those who were murdered can find SOME sense of peace through the death of an enemy.

I’m still sad.

I’m sad that because torture was used to gain the vital last piece of information to find Bin Laden some will now believe torture is a justified method for our government to use when needed.  I’ve already heard the arguments. 

I’m sad that even Christians are applauding this.  I understand the need for justice. 

I’m still sad.

I’m sad that the first pieces of news we received were concerning a “military action”, a “firefight”, and Bin Laden was killed as a result.  The latest news is that 24 elite (and honorable) men landed IN his compound, pretty much unchallenged because Bin Laden was used to hearing military helicopters flying overhead due to the fact that he was less than a mile from a Pakistani military base.  We landed and fought our way to his bedroom.  His wife rushed the men and was shot in the leg.  Osama was shot once in the chest and once above the left eye.  They were both unarmed.  I can’t help but think there was going to be no possibility or opportunity to surrender even if he wanted to.  (I have heard, however, that in the past he vowed he would NOT surrender, but will die instead.)

So what!?  He was an evil man!  He was a monster!  He was a murderer!

I’m still sad!  I hate that!

I’m sad that my kids know that targeted killings have been universally condemned…(well, in most cases) and now they know it can be justified.  Here’s an article that addresses this.   http://www.hudson-ny.org/2093/targeted-killing-vindicated .  Not sure what I think about the conclusion of the article but it’s worth reading.

I’m sad that Martin Luther King Jr.’s words are forgotten….”Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”  The hate that drove Bin Laden still drives MANY like him.  His second in command is our next target.  Secretary Clinton vowed to continue in this same manner.  I get it.  But I’m still sad!

I’m sad that I’ve heard Christians say, “Kill ALL the bad guys.”

I’m sad that those who feel the same are ridiculed and derided.

I am sad that the need for justice can turn so easily into a cry for revenge and an acceptance of actions we would never justify in the past.

I WISH I was happy.  I WISH I bring myself to celebrate.  But…

I’m sad.  Heartbroken, really.


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