“What COULD be…” or “It’s a family affair….”

The doorbell rings.  Good the last of the expected guests has arrived.  All of my friends and a few guests are here.  There’s a lot of positive energy in the room because we all love to get together as often as we can.  Mostly it’s once a week, but on the rare occasion we get to squeeze in an extra day.

As I look around the two rooms we are spread out in little groups of people.  I see some people simply chatting about events in their lives.  I see a few praying for each other.  I even see one or two who seem a little upset.  These are being cared for by those who have a special gift for comforting people.

Conversation seems to wind down a little and we all sense it’s time to gather in the main room.  As we do Jamie starts singing a favorite song of ours.  We all join in and pretty soon the house is filled with beautiful harmonies.  Our hearts are bursting with joy and love for God and each other.  This song winds down and Steve opens his mouth and sings a song that, apparently, he had just written.  We are inspired by the words and the melody.  After a repetition or two of the chorus we all joined in.  It’s electrifying.

By the time we sing a song or two most of us are sitting.  Jim stood and shares with us what he thinks might be an encouraging message for us all.  Jim’s like that.  He seems to have a gift of bringing a message that is always encouraging.  Before he finishes, Lacey stands up and shares what is on her heart; something she believes God wants us to hear.  But the interruption is seamless and seems orchestrated (although it issn’t).  Her message blends with Jim’s perfectly.

As Lacey finishes speaking, Ron stands and begins speaking.  He speaks for about 15 minutes.  As he speaks we ask questions and compare scripture.  By the time he finishes, we know that we have a better view of who we are and who God is.  We have been taught well.

We all settle into a peaceful quiet.  The meal is ready so we all make our way to the tables where a feast is setup.  As with all of our meals together there was is much joy and conversation.  This is the highlight of our gatherings.  Our main topic of conversation is twofold:  What Jesus has done for us on the cross and His return.  Then we’ll have a bigger and better feast with Him!  It’s always exciting and inspiring to remind each other about that.

After the meal there are still some who need some encouragement and one person who is sick and needs prayer.  Those among us who are especially gifted in these areas take care for them while the rest of us say our farewells.  We remind each other that our brother who established our little fellowship is coming to visit in a few weeks.  It has been a year since we last saw him so we are looking forward to it.  He has some concerns he wanted to speak to us about.

We hug each other and say our goodbyes.

Until next time.

(1st Corinthians 14)


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